Meet the Team!

Principal investigator: Anders Mutvei, PhD

I was born and raised in Stockholm, Sweden, where I also did my PhD work in Dr. Urban Lendahl's lab at Karolinska Institutet, studying the role of Notch signaling in cancer. Following my PhD, I carried out a postdoc with Dr. John Blenis at Weill Cornell Medicine / Harvard Medical School, where I studied how dysregulation of lysosome organisation and abundance affect cell growth. Outside of lab, I love music and to drink a beer or two from time to time. 

Huy Dang

Research assistant

Huy Dang carried out his Master's degree at Uppsala University whereafter he joined the Mutvei lab. 

Spyridon Pantelios

PhD student

I grew up in Greece, completing my B.Sc. in Biology at Aristotle University of Thessaloniki. There I discovered my passion for molecular cell biology and cancer research, which brought me to Sweden, where I obtained my Masters in Cell and Molecular Biology from Uppsala University. For my masters’ thesis, I joined the Anders Mutvei lab investigating how cancer cells reprogram their metabolism, which is also the focus of my PhD. Outside the lab I like to spend my time gardening or tinkering with various DIY projects.

Aisegkioul Chatzioglou

Master student

Aise is currently doing her Masters Degree studies at Uppsala University and have been a project student in the Mutvei lab.